Kassiopi is a historical harbour-side town on the northern most tip of Corfu and is the largest town on the North East coast. It has three headland beaches, plenty of shops and good quality restaurants.
Its strategic importance on the entrance of the Straits of Corfu that stretch between Greece and Albania, made it a fortified and thriving stronghold by the end of the 13th century. The remains of vast fortress walls can still be seen today looking over the port.
Today Kassiopi has developed into a modern resort that has maintained a traditional character and feel. The harbour front is laced with bars and cafes whilst walking around the fortress and Kassiopi headland looking out to sea is a must for any visitor to Corfu.
There are plenty of activities for all ages and some of the best beaches on the island in the surrounding coastal villages. Kassiopi has some vibrant evening hot spots to dance the night away too as well as all the amenities one could need in a holiday resort.

The North East Coast

The North East Coast of Corfu covers around 35km of coastline if all the little coves and shingle beaches that characterise this particularly beautiful part of the Mediterranean where to be stretched out in a single line.
Emerald green mountain slopes slide into the sapphire blue waters of the Ionian Sea creating sensational sea views that have given this part of the island the reputation of being the ‘bon fillet’ of Corfu.
Most European villa companies started off from here because of the area’s high quality private villa holiday accommodation with properties that are close to the beach, seaside restaurants are plenty and good resort facilities are close by.
There are over 50 small beaches to discover and renting a boat is the most used way of getting around. If this proves too much there is always the quietude of your private swimming pool to retreat to or an al fresco dinner in the garden with family and friends.
Kassiopi is the head village on the north east coast with nearby San Stefanos and Avlaki Beach being the most sought out locations. Other beaches worth visiting are Kerasia beach further south, Agni for its restaurants and Nissaki for its graphic scenery.
A summer holiday on Corfu island’s North East Coast is equivalent to a dreamlike lifestyle experience that has given it one of the highest visitor return rates in Europe.